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Cloud CDN

Give your website a good pace during traffic hours with the help of Cloud CDN. It will replicate binary files to many networks, so that person can access the nearest files while providing significant benefits.

Hello2hosting Cloud CDN
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What is
Cloud CDN?

Cloud Computing divides our resources over the internet to optimize our work in traffic hours and gives our work good pace during regular hours. On the other hand, CDN (Content Delivery Network) replicates our binary files to many networks, so that any person/system in any geographical location can access the nearest files in order to accelerate the flow of work, as well as dynamic and static web content.

We at Hello2Hosting provide Cloud CDN services, to ensure faster and efficient workflow. Our Cloud CDN services in India and in across the world is made with such technical innovation, that they are capable of handling any kind of business need.

Advantages of using
Cloud CDN

  • Uploading and downloading speeds can be increased as multiple domains are used while working in Cloud CDN.
  • Pre-cached files make the process much better.
  • Usage analytics is done in the form of reports.
  • Enhances performance and is cost-efficient at the same time.

Why Choose to
Cloud CDN hosting?

  • Cloud VPS hosting Have a business which is worldwide or which cover many locations.
  • Cost Effetive Option Have a business which requires a lot of uploading and downloading data.
  • Drive Speed Own a high-budget business, because you cannot risk lowering your work pace during traffic hours.
  • Drive Speed Need a highly flexible, reliable service with proper customer care support.

Features of
Cloud CDN

Major contribution in reducing the overhead costs.
For international business, you need not pay for every country’s hosting service, CDN will take care of it.


Pre-caching of files makes it way easier for users to access the content that is visited by them daily.

Cloud CDN
Advantages With Us!

We are your trusted partner for Cloud CDN hosting

We at Hello2Hosting made immense efforts to solve your business needs. Our services are highly customizable and slight, or major changes can be made quickly as per your requirements. Although, our robust services have catered so many businesses for a smooth workflow, yet our team is still working on more technologies to ease the workflow further.

Our vast expertise

Our team’s dedication and experience have led it to handle a plethora of business needs. We provide optimum support in setting up while working and if any issue has occurred, support is provided in the quickest time possible, and a stable solution is provided. If one wishes to make changes in their business, our highly customizable services provide you full support in doing so. We provide constant supervision When you partner with Hello2Hosting services, you need not worry about any kind of discrepancy as we will always provide support in implementing all your work needs and resolving all your issues.

Frequently Asked


  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    What is the major difference between Cloud and Cloud CDN?

    Cloud services only distribute your resources to ensure smooth workflow in traffic hours, while Cloud CDN along with the services mentioned above also replicates your files on several data centers, so people from different places can access quickly. So, in this way, efficient and faster workflow is guaranteed.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    What is the technology used in Cloud CDN hosting?

    Our services are made with up-to-the-date technology with VMWARE and pure nexus 1000V software so that you can experience 10G cloud services in the best way possible.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    What happens when the connected CDN domain is closed?

    When the connected CDN service of any domain is closed, the CDN node retains the connection configurations. This results in no further generation of CDN traffic in the CDN domain. All requesting will revert back to the original server. So, make sure that the original server has enough bandwidth processing capabilities to handle the occurred problems in your domain.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    Does it take too long to configure the Cloud CDN Hosting?

    No, it does not take too long to configure all the settings regarding the Cloud CDN Hosting. Generally, it takes lesser than an hour to configure all the settings of Cloud CDN hosting. But, if it takes longer, you have to wait till the setup is completed. While during the setup, if you want any type of assistance, they will help you at their best.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    Can I increase the hosted origin’s capacity?

    Sometimes, many customers face the problems regarding the insufficient capacity of hosting service. This is a serious problem which prevents the website to go live. They offer you some automatic bandwidth usage and capacity handling options to assist you. By using these options, the capacity of the original host will be automatically increased.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    Can the Cloud CDN support any oversea nodes?

    At this moment, the Cloud CDN is proving the feature of oversea nodes acceleration. The Cloud CDN leverages the previous nodes which have been deployed for over the past few decades. So, yes, the Cloud CDN supports oversea nodes as per the customer’s business requirements.

  • Hello2hosting frequently asked questions
    Does the Cloud CDN support cross-region access?

    Yes, the offered Cloud CDN hosting supports cross-region access as per the customer’s business requirements. They don’t restrict regions for processing the cross-region accesses. If the customer requires cross-region access, he can simply configure settings to allow the cross-region access to his website.



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